Toy Haulers - From 5th Wheel, Bumper Pull, and Driveable

If you ever wished you had a garage attached to your RV, the Toy Hauler is for you!

 For the most part, the front of a Toy Hauler is made up of the living quarters - the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area - while the rear is designated the "cargo" area or storage area for your toys.  

They are extra durable since the cargo typically found in a toy hauler is meant for off-road, the toy hauler should also be built to handle bumpy roads, washes, and remote camping. Lots of ground clearance is also a big plus to keep from bottoming out and scraping the ground. Cabinets should be built more durable to withstand the bumps, and the chassis and axles need to be rated higher to handle the potential several thousand pounds of cargo it could be carrying. 

2019 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast Toy Hauler


Models: Volante, Zinger

Haulmark MotorCoach


 The Haulmark Motor Garage puts you in the unique place to do what you love, and have everything along you need to do it.  Think function, comfort and value.  And wait 'til you drive it!  The words that come to mind are "power, safety and control". 


Models: Carbon, Fuzion, Impact, Outback, Raptor, Raptor Predator Series, Montana High Country

2019 KZ RV Venom Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Thor Motor Coach

Models: Outlaw Class A, Outlaw Class C

Toy haulers expand the limits of what a motorhome can be – they are Class A and Class C motorhomes with a garage. Our toy haulers offer unique, distinctive floor plans, interiors, and sleeping spaces. The garage has endless possibilities from a mobile office to a dog kennel to the typical hauling of ATVs and motorcycles.

Our toy haulers also feature an innovative patio deck, which folds down to reveal the best entertaining option in the market.

The RV Factory

Models: LUXE Toy Hauler

Build your own!


Model: Spyder


Model: Desert Fox